Greg Rubin

Greg draws on his experience and knowledge in the metals complex and stock market indices to provide a detailed service providing analysis across both sectors. Greg also provides charts for most other asset classes on request from members. Greg shares trading tips and wisdom that he has gained over the years as well as spending ample time focusing on risk management/trading psychology through the use of live videos.

Trading Style : Elliot waves, Fibonacci, Basic and advanced technical analysis

Ivan Delgado

Ivan is an all-encompassing veteran trader. He has forged a unique technical trading style through the study of charts for tens of thousands of hours. Ivan trades supply/demand imbalances at decision points. He predominantly trades digital / crypto assets. However, there are times and cycles that makes traditional assets, outside cryptos, be actively traded as well. Ivan believes as 'traders we must be adaptive creatures'.

Trading Style : Basic and advanced technical analysis. Trading order flow with the underlying trend.

Dave Floyd

In 2002, wanting to venture out and build his own trading desk, Dave started his own niche FX firm and the seeds for Aspen Trading Group were planted. Since then, Aspen has grown from a pure prop trading firm into a provider of expert FX research and analytics to both institutional and retail clients worldwide.

Trading Style : Swing trading and scalping