Ivan Delgado

Trading Years: 13 YRS

Ivan teaches a strategy to take your interpretation of chart information to the next level. No stone is left unturned. Through Ivan's 30+ video lessons (see trading course tour), the student learns to read market structures, momentum, liquidity pools, volatility phases, volume analysis, and much more, to build skills that stay with you forever. Ivan traded for years solely the highly competitive and well-established forex market but ultimately also recognized the alpha available in selected crypto assets was too grandiose to ignore. That's what he specialized on these days. The strategies Ivan teaches are suitable to trade any time scale.

Trading style
The style revolves around situational awareness to define a bias + multiple entry setups (breakouts, pullbacks, traps). The strategy is complemented with metrics via technical aggregators that reinforce the contextual setting to trade.
Markets covered
Wherever trends exist. Most of the coverage orbits around cryptos.
Favourite markets
Cryptos as the alpha-generator is hard to beat.
Post frequency
Ivan allocates 8am to 5pm Sydney time to engage with the room and cover trades.
Trading/setup frequency
Several per week (5-10) is the norm if accounting for all asset classes. It really depends on market conditions, which is an external factor not controllable by the trader.
Target risk/reward
Typically aims for 3:1. Targets can be shortened or expanded based on context traded.
Target win rate %
Between wins and break evens, around 65-70% is the estimate.
Interactive sessions
Yes, Ivan organizes group calls via Zoom and/or Discord. All videos are recorded. Besides, I provide video-format feedback to members of the room several times/day.
Skill level
The strategy has a minor degree of discretion, but mostly systematic, which makes it easier for traders of any level to join.
Market sessions
The preference for the majority may be session-by-session flows given time constraints. Can move lower in time scales upon time availability. Ivan is often calling intraday trades in the crypto market.
Online hours
From 8am till 5pm Sydney local time.

Description of services offered

My room comprises mainly the coverage of cryptos. The focus goes where money flows. In other words, wherever a market meets the criteria to be traded, that tends to be the primary source of attention. There are always thematic driving movements in cryptos. To catch these moves, one must be fully hands on. That's where the daily views, analysis and constant feedback by Ivan are so priceless. The teachings of the strategy have been encapsulated in easy-to-follow video series via Google Drive private access.

In the room, Ivan's aim is to be constantly engaged with students to make them grow. The initial steps include to go through the course material, gain the knowledge base, only to then start interacting in the room. In the mentor room, Ivan provides constant feedback on trade setups (recorded via short videos), clarify doubts, jump on weekly calls. First and foremost, is all about taking trades though. Members post their analysis and trades in an environment of camaraderie. Members that struggle with concepts are encouraged to ask to their hearts' content. The room is also an opportunity to get to know each other and build connections.

Note, should a member of the room be active, engaging enough and willing to give back through the first few months, chances are high that Ivan will perpetually remove the fee. Ivan has always embraced the philosophy of meritocracy.

Ivan Delgado

$299 USD one-off course access

Access to all course material via Google drive

Properly setup with all the indicators/templates

Mentor room access for the next 30 days

Exclusive access to trade setups channel

Establish direct feedback with the coach