The 11 commandments of the Mentor Discord Rooms

  1. Keep the peace! Please be kind and courteous to other members. Avoid subjects which may be offensive to other members such as religious views. Be Respectful. Be sensitive to other people's ideas and content they share.
  2. No offensive messages or nicknames - Anything that a reasonable person might find offensive.
  3. No spam - This includes but is not limited too, obvious promotional material, loud/obnoxious noises in voice, @mention spam, character spam, image spam, and message spam.
  4. No Gorey, Sexual, or scary content - Screamer links, porn, nudity, death etc.
  5. No harassment - Including sexual harassment or encouraging of harassment.
  6. Use the appropriate channels.
  7. No self or user bots - These are in some cases against the discord TOS and if you need a bot for something use one of the bots already in the server
  8. Swearing is allowed so long as it isn't directed at another member.
  9. If you have a conflicting view of strategies or trading ideas posted here, share them however please don't make them personal or vindictive. Friendly jabs are okay.
  10. Moderators have final say on all issues that arise - Moderators reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation.
  11. There may be situations not covered by the rules or times where the rule may not fit the situation. If this happens the moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately.

The Mentor Rooms are a place for respectful conversation - if you aren't getting along with another member, your best plan is to mute them. If you have any issues you'd like to bring to our attention please direct message your Mentor.

Structuring Discord to Suit Your Content and Personality Type

Traders are a motley bunch and there's no doubt that participants here can have wildly opinionated and often polarising opinions. Further to this, you may have come here to participate on select topics such as markets chat, trading chat or even just to hang out in general chat. Here's what you can do to curate your experience here and ensure that you are only seeing what suits you as a trader and person.

Mute channels or categories that don't interest you. Simply right click them -> select 'MUTE Channel'. Hide the muted channels all together. Right click the server name -> select 'Hide muted channels'. If you aren't getting along with another member, your best plan is to mute them. You won't see their posts and you can move on.

If you follow the above 3 steps then you'll be doing your part to make sure you get the most out of this place. Thanks for helping to Keep the Peace.